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ADD or just can’t see? The restless child in the classroom may have a vision problem.

Is your child or student acting restless in class? Making careless mistakes on schoolwork? Not listening to the lecture and rubbing his/her eyes? Don’t reach for the Ritalin quite yet. Instead, you might want to first schedule a visit to the optometrist. Many times what is originally diagnosed as attention deficit disorder (ADD) is actually...


Knowledge is Power: Medical Surveillance Defends Your Company Against Workers Comp Fraud

Knowledge is power: Medical surveillance defends your company against workers comp fraud As more jobs in the workforce become vision-intensive – computer programming, data entry, fine-detail design and manufacturing – vulnerability increases to those unscrupulous individuals who see blurry vision and the workers compensation system as their tickets to an early retirement. Indeed it is...


Vision Therapy: Myths and Misperceptions

Vision Therapy: Myths and Misperceptions Mention the phrase “vision therapy” to some people, and they will raise the same skeptical eyebrow that greets talk of get-rich quick schemes, magic diet supplements and psychic hotlines. Concepts and programs that are new often fall victim to myths and misperceptions, and this is certainly true in the case...